Every Business is an Adventure.

Lukla Ventures is an eCommerce venture builder with a specific focus on the health and fitness space.

Our mission is to shift consumer demand globally towards environmentally-friendly products, without sacrificing on quality.


Lukla Ventures was named after the small town of Lukla in north-eastern Nepal. The town is generally used as the starting point for those wishing to climb Mount Everest. We thought it was a good place to begin.

The Triple Bottom Line.

Driving every decision

1. Will this help us to become more profitable?
2. Is this a positive for our staff and our manufacturers?
3. Can we do this in a more environmentally friendly manner?
Our Style.


We work from all over the world. Barcelona, Thailand, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia and that was just 2016.


There are no set hours. Feeling productive? Work all night. Feeling stuck? Go for a hike.


We work across a wide-range of areas on a daily basis. It keeps it interesting.

Productivity hackers

Work is never-ending; unfortunately, the attention span of a human is not. At Lukla Ventures we constantly experiment with new ways of increasing our productivity. Some days we work 12 hours, others we head to the beach.

Our Story.

There has never been a more critical time for the planet, this is our story.

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